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Esclapius stickWhat kind of health info do you need?

Consumer health information is for patients and their families, and for anybody who wants to keep up on medical news. If you are a consumer, you might want to start with a brief overview of your subject and move on from there if you need more.

Research/professional information is for healthcare professionals, students, and consumers who want to delve into the research behind the medical news.  Brooks Memorial has some research-level articles in its databases (see below), and we can obtain additional research articles through interlibrary loan.  Please inquire at Reference about your options; we'll be happy to help.

Find a reliable source

As you search, remember that misinformation proliferates just as quickly as reliable information on the Internet. The Medlineplus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing has useful tips on evaluating sources of information.

Online information to access right now:

The Gale Virtual Reference Library in the Reference Books section has some excellent medical reference articles. Or try one or more of these health-specific resources:

Information in books, dvds, etc., to pick up at the library:

Try this search tip to find health- and medical-related titles in the Catamount Library Network Catalog. If you find a title at Brooks Memorial that you want us to put aside for you, give us a call at (802) 254-5290. You can also place holds on items at our partner libraries in the network and pick them up at Brooks when they arrive. See our Catalog Help page for details, or Ask a Librarian.subject searching health


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