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Where is the catalog?

Look up!  There is a quick catalog search box on every page of this site. It looks like this:

Catalog image

How do I search?

CATChoose from the dropdown menu to search by Keyword, Title, Author, etc.  Or just hit the "Search" button to go right to the full catalog with all its features.  Try our catalog search tutorial video and our pamphlet, pdfSharing Resources, for more help searching and requesting items at Brooks Memorial and at our partner libraries in the Catamount Library Network.  

 How do I log in to my account?

  • Login=your library card number, with no spaces
  • Password=last four digits of your phone number

You can change the password after you successfully log in. Also, the system doesn't automatically change your password if your phone number changes. Check pdfLog in to your account for more details.

What can I find through the Catalog?

Things stored in the Library building and at our partner Catamount libraries, plus a few of our electronic titles.  This includes:

  • Books
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Clipping files in our Local History collection
  • Objects in our Fine Arts collection
  • Some of our downloadable e-books and e-audio
  • Some of our searchable online reference books

What can't I find through the Catalog?

Most of our electronic resources are not listed in the Catalog but can be searched in other places on the website.  Check out our Digital Media section for downloadable e-content, including e-books, e-audio, and streaming video.  For electronic articles from journals and reference books, try the Databases A-Z list or one of our Subject Guides.  

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