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Policies are developed and periodically reviewed by the Board of Trustees and the Library Director. They specify the rights and responsibilities of library users, staff, and trustees.  As a department of the town of Brattleboro, the library also complies with town policies, which are the responsibility of the Selectboard and the Town Manager.  If you have questions or comments about the policies, please contact the Library Director or the Board of Trustees


Collection and Confidentiality Policies

pdfConfidentiality of Library Records

pdfMaterials Selection Policy

pdfStatement of Concern Form

Policies for Behavior, Conduct, and Use of Technology

pdfBehavior Code

pdfChild Safety Policy

pdfE-device and In-House Device Policies

pdfPhotography and Videorecording Policy

pdfPublic Access Computing Acceptable Use Policy

pdfSocial Media Policy 2013

Meeting Room and Videoconferencing Policies

pdfMeeting Room Regulations and Application

pdfConference Rooms Policy

pdfVideoconferencing Policy and Reservation Form

Other Policies

pdfDeed of Gift Policy

pdfEndowment Policy

pdfFine Arts Policies

pdfProfessional Development and Continuing Education for Library Employees

See Board of Trustees for the Board's bylaws.




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